resilient seated butterfly valve


High Performance Double Offset

Triple Offset

Large AWWA

Teflon Seated

Pneumatic Actuators

Electric Actuator

Electric Actuators

Large Dampers


Check Valves

Limit Switches



Special Resilient Seated

Special – High Performance

Special Triple Offset

High Performance

Teflon RSBFV

System Volume Information

resilient seated butterfly valve

Resilient Seated

Special Limit Switches


Triple Offset High Performance

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    Butterfly Valve Products


    Here at Butterfly Valves and Controls, we offer a wide range of products, superior support, and service to distributors, resellers, and OEM’S. Our high-performance butterfly valves are designed to perform with excellence in several applications and industries.


    Valve Product Types


    We offer the following butterfly valve products, which you can find above:

    • Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
    • Teflon Seated Butterfly Valve
    • Large AWWA Valve
    • Pneumatic Valves Actuators
    • High-Performance Double Offset Butterfly Valve
    • Triple Offset High-Performance Butterfly Valve