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All in one housing

These compact NEMA 4X valve positioners allow for an internal I/P, switches, 4/20 mA transmitter, all in one compact, rugged die-cast aluminum housing. The flexibility to add, remove, replace, and calibrate this unit is very user-friendly.


The ability to calibrate valve positioners is important. Time can be money, and with the V200 positioner, calibration is made simple, easy, and NOT time-consuming. Both Zero and Span can be adjusted without removing the cover, and the single spring has very little interaction.

Complete Offering

Being able to get all of the needed options from a single product can be a real benefit. For basic pneumatic to various Ip options (standard, IS, EX, FF, Gas approved, 0-10V) and adding valve position feedback into the one compact housing is a benefit. The flexibility of going from one type to the other in minutes saves time and money. Quality construction of each product equals accurate control and long service life.

Position feedback

As the need for valve position feedback grows, the V200 valve positioner allows for very accurate feedback options. From switches to 4/20 transmitter, these components fit very neatly and simply into the one NEMA 4X housing.


The flexible mounting allows for mounting to many actuators, built in gauge block, various pilot assemblies, special cams, beacon indicator, and more are available from one source-one product.

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