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Sizes: 1.5” -24.0”
Temperature Range: -4F-400F (-20C – 204C)
Pressure Rating: 150 psig, 230 psigReliant VF7 Brand Butterfly Valve


Value Valves and BVC offers 2 types of Teflon seated butterfly valves. Each has it own distinct applications and features and benefits.

The Reliant VF7 Brand butterfly valve features:

  • Teflon seat with resilient backup, standard is EPDM, optional is Buna N, Viton or Silicone
  • Phenolic Backed Cartridge seat design for maximum cycle life
  • 316 Stainless Steel Disc with no pins in flow stream
  • 316 Stainless Steel Disc with .5mm Teflon spray coating
  • 316 SS Stem with internal disc engagement
  • Absolute Stem Retention via bolted on plate recessed in top mounting plate and bolted to body casting
  • Ductile Iron Epoxy coated body ASTM A-536-65-45-12
  • 3-PTFE over Fiberglass stem bushings
  • True ISO-5211 top mounting pad AND stem

The Value Valve VF7/ VO7 Brand Butterfly Valve Features

  • Two Piece Split Body is standard Ductile Iron with available Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Solid Teflon boot seat with a Silicone Seat energizer
  • Solid Teflon encapsulated Disc has a minimum 1/8” (3MM) of pure virgin PTFE over a Stainless Steel core
  • Belleville springs top and bottom of seat assures constantly energized stem seal aligned with PTFE bearings
  • True ISO-5211 mounting Pad AND stem

Operators include Top Trigger, Bottom Trigger 10 position or flip the notch plate over for infinite position.  Iron Gears and Stainless-Steel gears Aluminum or Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuators, Aluminum or 316 Stainless Steel Electric actuators, all handles are lockable and gears are lockable with locking attachment.

Teflon Seated Butterfly Valve


  • End Connections: 125/150 ANSI, Wafer, Lug
  • Mounting: ISO-5211(Fits all ISO-5211 Operators)
  • Design: ISO-5208
  • Face to Face: API-609,,ISO-5752
  • Marking: MSS-SP-25
  • HVAC
  • Food Service
  • Petrochemical
  • OEM
  • Fire Control
  • Seawater
  • Flue Gas
  • Chemical

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