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Large American Water Works Association (AWWA) Valve

Large American Water Works Association (AWWA) Valve

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AWWA C504 (14” – 72”) (350mm – 1800mm)
AWWA C516 (78” – 104”) (2000mm – 2600mm)
Sizes: 14” – 104” (350mm – 2600mm)
Temperature range: -20℃ – 120℃ (-4℉ – 248℉)
Pressure rating: AWWA Pressure Classes 25B,75B & 150B


  • The Value Valve VF-264 valve features a unique Double Offset design similar to HPBFV resulting in much greater seat life
  • The VF-264 offers Industrial / Municipal grade components for most demanding applications
  • The High Performance Seat Design has a removable seat held by a seat retainer ring easily removed by removing a few ret ring bolts
  • VF264 sizes 30” and up features seat ring that may be replaced without removing the valve from pipeline.
  • Optional Rubber lining available including spark testing for holidays
  • Bi-direction bubble-tight shut off.


  • Body style: Flange Type
  • Body shell thickness: AWWA C504, C516
  • Mounting: ISO5211
  • Design & Pressure: AWWA C504, C516
  • Face to Face: AWWA C504, C516
  • Inspection and Testing: AWWA C504, C516
  • Standard Marketing System: MSS-SP-25

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