What’s in a Name? “Value Valve” — A Value in Valving Banner

What’s in a Name? “Value Valve” — A Value in Valving

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What’s in a Name? “Value Valve” — A Value in Valving

What Does “Value Valve” Mean?

Let’s face it, looking for butterfly valves can be confusing. And most companies give their butterfly valves a name that don’t mean anything! That’s why we call ours Value Valve “a Value in Valving” so you’ll know the valve you’re getting is of the highest quality and at a great price.

Why is a “Value Valve” Better Than Other Valves?

There are all kinds of butterfly valves available, mostly Centerline/Demco clones.. The Value Valve is not a clone, but a designed and manufactured valve from Taiwan offering features and benefits only available on much more expensive valves. Spline drive for easy repair….Investment cast disc….SIL-3 Rating….Patented boltless retaining rings….ISO-5211/Namur mounting….and much more Type specific features/benefits…all at a reasonable price!

What Is a “Value Valve”?

You might be wondering exactly what “value in valving” is. We let you know right out of the gate that they’re made of high quality material, 100% tested and inspected, certified, and proven, at a competitive price, hence the name Value Valve!

When you think of something of value, you think of something important, something you have a high opinion of, hold in high regard, and believe in. That’s where Value Valves come in. Our product is a “value” in the market, and you’ll see that right away!

Other manufacturers might make promises like their product is Fire Safe, but they don’t have the certificates or the evidence to back up their claims. We believe that if you’re going to make a claim, you MUST back it up, and that’s exactly what we do with Value Valves.We take pride in being able to offer value to our customers through great products and fantastic service and offer data to prove our claims Everything we offer is something we consider a value to the market: from our Resilient Seated to our High Performance to our Triple Offset, we do one thing and we do it WELL.

Let’s face it. It’s a danger using a valve that can’t live up to its claims. If it’s not a API-607 Tested and Certified fire safe , you could wind up with career ending lawsuits. So the next time you’re looking for a butterfly valve, don’t settle for a second best clone. When you want the best value around, choose our Value Valves for the high-quality, high value that you can depend on.

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