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4 Applications Where A Triple Offset Valve Is The Best Choice

4 Applications Where A Triple Offset Valve Is The Best Choice

Triple offset valves are less susceptible to wear and tear corrosion, and degradation, which makes them the most leak-proof and disaster-proof option for certain applications. Triple offset technology is made without materials that are vulnerable to corrosion. They’re the most durable option regardless of the temperature, pressure level or chemical reactivity of the materials they process.

Wondering whether a triple offset valve is the best choice for your application? To help you get a better sense, here’s a look at five applications that are definitely known to benefit from using triple offset valves in their processing systems. These applications rely on triple offset valves for optimal safety, long-lasting durability, and reliable, accurate performance.

1. Petrochemical Processing Plants

Triple offset butterfly valves are API-607 fire-safe and equipped with several auto safety features ideal for petrochemical processing plants. Oil and petroleum refineries require emergency shutdown valves, and triple offset valves are the best for the job because of their ability to resist pressure, temperature, and corrosion of any material in the plant. Triple offset valves can make it possible to prevent leaks, disasters and environmental harm in the event of a disaster or system failure, by quickly and effectively stopping any uncontrolled flows in the system. This is critical for applications dealing with petrochemicals because triple offset valves are the only ones reliable enough to optimize the plant’s safety.

2. Oil Drilling Rigs

Oil drilling rigs run the risk of profit loss and creating environmental damage (often including a media scandal as a result) if they cause an oil leak. Top-of-the-line equipment should be used to drill oil safely and minimize the risk of dangerous leaks that are hard to recover from. The frictionless closure of a triple offset valve, as well as its leak-proof sealing mechanism and overlaid metal material, make it durable enough to prevent leaks regardless of any extreme conditions created by the external environment, internal system failure or human error-caused failure.

3. Energy Power Plants

When it comes to energy power plant applications, your valve options are quite limited by the materials, temperatures and pressure levels involved. Energy power plants require valves that are not just fire-safe, but also resistant to high temperatures and high-pressure levels. 

Because energy power plants depend on having minimal downtime, they need valves that are low-maintenance and long-lasting, even under extreme conditions. Triple offset valves are the only type that can check all these boxes and perform well even in the most demanding applications, like energy generation. Valves with one or two offsets have the risk of yielding to pressure, but valves with the third offset ensure no gas leaks through the system regardless of the pressure level it exerts on the valve.

4. Cryogenic Cooling Plants

Whether you provide a Cryogenic service or you have Cryogenic cool as one part of your processing plant, you’ll need a triple offset valve to deal with these extreme temperatures safely on an ongoing basis. New applications for Cryogenic cooling are continually discovered. They involve processing liquid nitrogen through a processing plant, which requires a triple offset valve for long-term safety and efficacy. Extremely low temperatures need extra leak-proof and temperature-proof safety functionality, and double offset valves won’t quite do the job as well. In high-stakes applications such as in medicine, aerospace and the military, processing plants depend on the safety and reliability of triple offset valves to benefit from Cryogenic cooling.

Bottom Line: Are Triple Offset Valves Right for Your Application?

Triple offset butterfly valves are perfect for the most demanding applications, particularly those where air-tight sealing and leak-proof shutoff are required for daily safety and operations. They are 100% fire-proof, resistant to high temperatures and able to withstand high-pressure levels without leaking. This makes triple offset the best option for more extreme applications that depend on adequate durability due to the materials being processed, as well as the temperatures and pressure levels they reach. Thus, the triple offset butterfly valve is right for workplaces such as power generation plants, petroleum refineries, oil drilling rigs, other petrochemical processing plants.

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