Butterfly Valves Common Applications

Whether it’s for commercial or personal use, choosing the right valve to regulate fluid flow is important. Butterfly valves are one of the best types of valves to use for this purpose, due to their simple but effective design, relatively low cost, and low-maintenance qualities.

Butterfly valves easily regulate fluid flow by using a circular disc to open up or close off a section of piping. They are also very durable, with high-performance butterfly valves capable of being used for temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures of up to 1440 psig. These traits make the butterfly valve a helpful asset for many projects and industries. Below are several common uses for butterfly valves:

Shut Off Valves

Butterfly valves are often the best choice for a general shut off valve above 1.5”-148”. Their simple design allows them to take up less space and less weight than other types of valves and even provides a tighter seal, than a gate of globe valve, usually bubble tight. This is most useful when trying to stop fluid flow since it prevents any fluid from passing through the pipe when closed.

Ships/ Ship Building

Butterfly valves are commonly used in ships because of their high durability in saltwater when ABS approved materials are selected. This type of valve effectively creates a water-tight shutoff in the piping system of a ship, preventing any flow in the pipe. Their small size also allows them to be used in tight spaces common on board. They can be used for “jack up” rigs, ballast systems, ship side, and many other applications. Fire Safe approved valves are also necessary for many applications. Automation is easy and may be pneumatic, “ closed loop” pneumatic under water, electric and hydraulic. Be sure to use valves with ISO-5211 mounting pad AND stem, so in any port, you can find a replacement valve that would be a drop in replacement. Be wary of valves that just have a ISO-5211 mounting pad as the stems are often manufacturers “special”

Refineries – Oil/Gas-Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream

Refineries use many types of valves in which the Butterfly valve is common. These would typically use the more “high end” High-Performance valve with Steel Bodies or Triple Offset, which is inherent “Fire Safe” and bubble tight. Many applications on water etc. can use the resiliently seated version.

Regardless of the application, the HPBFV and TOV butterfly valve have the same pressure and temperature specifications as a ball or gate valve, at a fraction of the cost, either manual or automated.

Food Processing/ Breweries/Dry Powder

Butterfly valves are some of the most useful valves used on the market today. They can be used for just about anything, from simple shut off valves in a pipe to refineries. Their simple design, high durability, and low maintenance make them an ideal candidate to regulate fluid flow in any piping system. In the Food Processing sector a Certified Food Grade Seat needs to be used, the preference seems to be a White seat. While standard resilient seated valves are not 3A approved,there are many on the market that are with sanitary connections in and out. The body material can range from Epoxy coated iron to Nylon 11 coated iron to Bronze, 304SS, and 316SS.


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