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Is Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Right for Your Application?

Is Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Right for Your Application?

Butterfly valves are used for large-scale processing applications that require quick, leak-proof opening and closing. A triple offset butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve specially engineered to fix the shortcomings of other butterfly valve types. By design, it is the highest level of butterfly valves and can work in any type of processing, including high-pressure and high-temperature environments other butterfly valves just can’t handle.

With triple offset technology, the valve is able to resist wear and tear and maintain leak-proof sealing integrity far longer. This makes it a must-have valve for processes not only because it withstands high levels of pressure and temperatures, but also because it’s cost-effective and requires little maintenance.

In this post, we’ll talk about the features and advantages of the triple offset butterfly valve, to help you determine whether it’s the right valve for your application.

What Makes The Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Different?

Compared to concentric(Rubber Seated) and double-centric(High Performance) butterfly valves, the technology of the triple offset butterfly valve prevents seat wear and tear and improves sealing strength. The third offset refers to an angular offset that eliminates friction during valve disc closing and opening cycle by fully separating the disc from the seal until the last few degrees. It eliminates the rubbing of the seat and seal surfaces during cycling, preserving sealing integrity for far longer than other butterfly valves.

Advantages Of The Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

There are a number of reasons to choose the triple offset butterfly valve over other valves for your application. Here are the major features it offers:

Low Operating Torque

The design of a triple offset butterfly valve means that the opening and closing relies on the positioning of the disc and seat, rather than the rubbing of rubber or seat/body contact. Less torque means less wear and tear on the metal and other parts, improving the lifespan of the

valve. It also means that the valve can open and close more quickly because there’s less torque required to move the valve disc.

Overlayed Hardened Metal

Value ValvesTriple offset butterfly valves seats are made with Inconel 718 and Graphite pressing against a Stellite + 316SS overlay on the disc edge so that they can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure levels. The triple offset butterfly valves at Value Butterfly Valves can withstand temperatures as low as -320 degrees F, up to 1,022 degrees F. They have a pressure rating of ANSI 50/300/600/900, making them safe and ideal for power plant systems.


Triple offset butterfly valves offer stronger sealing than other butterfly valve types, and those at Value Butterfly Valves feature a Stellite 21 + 316SS harden Disc Edge overlay. This increases the hardness of the sealing surface to prevent leaking even at high-pressure levels.

Frictionless Closure

The third offset is an angular offset that eliminates friction during the opening and closing of the valve disc. Without friction, the valve performs better and lasts longer, without the wear and tear caused by the rubbing of materials.

Long Service Time

The benefits of this technology translate to longer service time and fewer maintenance requirements. You can save money and reduce system downtime with a valve that lasts longer. The triple offset butterfly valves from Value Butterfly Valves are guaranteed to provide 50,000 cycles without packing adjustment.


Despite their higher price, triple offset butterfly valves require minimal materials for them to be made. Because of their long service time and low maintenance requirements, this makes them a highly cost-effective type of butterfly valves.

SIL-3 Integrity Level Rating

SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level. Triple offset butterfly valves from Value Valves are rated SIL-3 out of SIL-4, which is the highest integrity level. SIL-4 valves are highly complex and costly, but SIL-3 valves offer a high level of integrity while remaining cost-effective.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Applications

Triple offset butterfly valves are fire-safe and resistant to high temperatures while being strong enough to withstand high-pressure levels without leaking. This makes them the best option for power generation applications, such as energy power plants. They’re also a safe option for petroleum refineries and any chemical plants dealing with harmful reactive chemicals. Constructed without elastomers or other materials susceptible to corrosion, these valves can stand the test of time no matter the chemicals they make contact with.

Water treatment plants can also benefit from the use of triple offset butterfly valves because they’re the safest option for withstanding water pressure. Whereas valves with only one or two offsets have the risk of yielding to pressure, the three offsets in the triple offset valve ensure better safety. The connected offsets and their geometric design work harmoniously to open and close instead of relying on one seat taking on all the pressure.

A Safe, High-Performance Valve That Stands The Test Of Time

The most important feature of a valve is its ability to keep your plant safe. A durable, high-performing valve goes a long way in preventing emergency issues that cause downtime for your business. The VF-8 Value Valve Triple offset also offer the advantages of the Seat in the Body vs on the Disc Edge and Spline Drive Stem to Disc engagement to allow maintenance of the stem and disc. Most stem and disc are welded together. Value Valves VF-8 butterfly valves are the best valves to ensure efficiency and safety for applications involving high amounts of pressure, extreme temperatures, and dangerous substances. Contact Butterfly Valves & Controls for more information!

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