5 Reasons Our Butterfly Valves are the Best Banner

5 Reasons Our Butterfly Valves are the Best

5 Reasons Our Butterfly Valves are the Best

A butterfly valve restrains the flow of any sort of semi-liquid or liquid you need to process, such as waste, oil, water, or gas. What makes it different from a regular valve is it has a disk that covers the passage to stop the flow or to diminish or enlarge it. With their functionality being so integral to safe operations at a processing plant, butterfly valves must be held to the utmost high standards. Of course, commercial butterfly valves aren’t all the same, as they’re all produced by different manufacturers. At Value Butterfly Valves, we offer the best butterfly valves on the market, because it’s our mission to deliver customers the highest possible value. Our affordable butterfly valves are tested and proven to be safe, durable, and long-lasting. Let’s look at five of the major reasons our butterfly valves rise above the rest.

Fire Safe

Since they’re often used to process dangerous and reactive chemicals, you should be able to trust that your butterfly valves can withstand fire and prevent the contents of a processing plant from posing a fire safety hazard. In the event of any malfunction, accident, or disaster, you want to know that your valves can resist corrosion and block the leakage of any dangerous elements. While many valve manufacturers claim that their valves are fire-safe, ours are made with fire-proof metal seats and are API-607 tested and certified for fire safety. This doesn’t just give you peace of mind: having documented certification can prevent lawsuits that affect your bottom line.


Our valves perform well and are consistently long-lasting because of the high-quality materials they’re made with. We use carbon steel, stainless steel, and other high-performing metals and weld them to ensure they can withstand the most extreme temperatures and pressures. Our double-offset butterfly valves are made with safety features, including a stop inside the body to prevent over-travel and an adjustable packing gland to prevent surface leakage. Since our valves are made with spline drives, they’re easier and faster to repair, which is an added benefit that can minimize downtime at your plant. What makes our butterfly valves extra unique, however, is our patented boltless retaining rings. These make our valves suitable for the most heavy-duty applications.

Tested, Proven and Certified

Our value Butterfly Valve has attained 20 certifications based on extensive quality testing. Some of these certifications we’ve received include SIL-3, CE, CQC and ISO 9001. Besides being API-607 tested for fire safety, our valves also undergo pressure tests, cryogenic tests, and fugitive emissions tests. They’re even subjected to a salt spray test, which checks for corrosion resistance. To guarantee that our valves are made with only the best materials, we have them undergo positive material identification (PMI) testing to check metal composition quality. We provide you all the certifications along with the valves we provide, which means you never have to worry about battling a lawsuit over them.

Fantastic Service

From production to assembly to packaging, we oversee and assure quality at every stage. Plus, we provide field service to ensure our valves get installed and put to use correctly. With over 125 years of experience in valving, our service helps you through the process from start to finish, from sales to custom assemblies and repairs. We work with you to provide project estimates before you’re committed. Plus, we can ship our products hassle-free to wherever you are in the world, taking care of double freight and U.S. duties for you. Customer satisfaction is our mission, which is why we’re driven to develop the best product and deliver the best customer service. 

Unbeatable Value

Our valves offer you more at a lower price. Given the quality of materials and our high safety standards, our valves are comparable only to the most expensive options out there. However, we stand out by providing you the absolute best at the most affordable price possible, so you can enjoy an unbeatable value that translates to a higher bottom line. With features like frictionless closure and harder sealing, our valves provide a long service time with little maintenance. This is what makes them so cost-effective and ideal for critical applications in which downtime for maintenance must be kept to a minimum. In fact, our triple-offset butterfly valves can be used for as many as 50,000 cycles before maintenance(packing adjustment) is needed.

The Right Butterfly Valves for Your Application

To learn more about how you can use our butterfly valves for your application, get in touch with us and get a free quote today! We offer general service butterfly valves, centric butterfly valves, double offset butterfly valves, triple offset butterfly valves, AWWA standard butterfly valves, and shipside butterfly valves. No matter your application, you’re sure to find something that’s right for it at Butterfly Valves & Controls.

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