Pneumatic Operators


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RPB Series Pneumatic Actuators offer excellent quality and workmanship in a compact, efficient unit. Through state-of-the-art design, the RPB series features high reliability, high cycle life, durability, and ease of maintenance as well as CW (closed) adjustment on double acting actuators. Excellent coatings make this pneumatic operator a very good choice in most corrosive applications.


  • Top Stem of RPB Pneumatic Actuator is Namur mount for ease of mounting Namur accessories such as limit switches, and positions. Actuator comes standard with plastic position indicator.
  • Pinion is precision machined of alloy steel and nickel plated for maximum strength. Top and bottom dimensions are ISO 5211 and Namur. Stainless Steel Pinion is available.
  • Pneumatic Actuator Body is precision extruded aluminum alloy ASTM 6005, hard anodized and powder polyester coated for maximum corrosion resistance. Nickel Plating is also available.
  • End Caps are die-cast aluminum powder coated. Nickel Plated is also available.
  • Dual Racks are die-cast are die-cast aluminum then hard anodized. Balanced racks provide long life in high cycle applications.
  • Travel Stop allow +5 degree adjustment of closed position on double acting actuators.
  • Springs are small, individually encapsulated and coated allowing the pneumatic actuator spring stroke to be tailored to the specific application with ease.
  • Deloris Wear Pads eliminate any metal to metal contact, and allow pneumatic actuator to operate with minimum friction. Replacement is easy and inexpensive.
  • O-Rings Seals on the Rack and on the Pinion provide bubble tight seal to 120 pig. Remove is easy and inexpensive. Buna is standard, high and low temperature O-Rings are available.