Centric Butterfly Valves – PTFE Seated


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Centric Butterfly Valves – PTFE Seated – VF733 Series

Centric Butterfly Valves – PTFE Seated – General

Centric Butterfly Valves Features

  • Disc available in 316SS or .3mm PTFE coated 316SS
  • Internal DD drive is standard
  • Cartridge type seat for high cycles and full vacuum is PTFE over Rubber
  • Triple O-Rings molded into seat ensures zero stem leakage
  • Large flat areas top and bottom maintain the disc to seat seal
  • 3-PTFE over fiberglass bushings keep the stem in perfect alignment with the seat and eliminates movement under pressure
  • Automation made easy by the ISO5211 top works
  • Easily mounted to Value Valve’s RPB series pneumatic or EOM electric actuators

Centric Butterfly Valves Benefits

  • Long life in the most demanding applications
  • Long seat/body life utilizing vulcanized design
  • Superior disc to seat seating surface
  • Witness test, material certs available

Centric Butterfly Valves Specifications

Face to Face

  • Valve body is designed to meet ISO 5752 table 5 short

Top Works

  • ISO 5211 PCD bolt patter and drive stem

Flange Requirements

  • ANSI 125/150, BS Table E, JIS 10K, DIN PN10

Pressure Rating

  • 150 pig maximum bi-directional, bubble tight shutoff
  • Seat tested to 110% rating
  • Shell tested to 150% full rating


  • 2 coats – epoxy resin
  • ASTM #A-536-65-45-12


  • 1-piece 316SS stem, internal disc drive, double “D” connection
  • ASTM #182 F316


  • Spherically machined 316SS with optional 2 coats sprayed on PTFE to .3mm thickness
  • ASTM #A351 CF8M


  • Phenolic backed PTFE over rubber, cartridge seat
  • Triple O-Rings molded into top and bottom of seat

Stem Retention

  • Retainer plate fitted into stem slot and bolted to the body

Stem Bushings

  • PTFE over fiberglass bushing located at bottom, immediately above the disc, and at top of stem, pressed onto the body
  • Top bushing is split with hilton O-Ring between the two halves


Designed for Waterworks, Water treatment, Seawater, Exhaust, Power Plant Condensates.