AWWA Butterfly Valves – Double Flange – VF264 Series





In large diameter AWWA butterfly valves, you have basically 3 choices:

  • Injection molded seat (Pratt) that is very difficult to repair, uses hardened epoxy and almost impossible to replace
  • A seat that is held in place by dozens of bolts and many small segment rings, making installation and adjustment, very time consuming
  • A seat on the disc edge that is subject to continuous exposure to the flowing media,

Not very maintenance friendly designs.

The VF-264 valve was designed by Value Valve to the current AWWA-87 standards. Using a High Performance Butterfly Valve type seat the design offers many benefits over other AWWA valves. Unlike other valves that have hundreds of bolts/holes and segment rings, or has hardened epoxy reinforced rubber injected into a cavity, the Value Valve VF-264 14” though 54” has a one piece steel ring encapsulated in rubber. Sizes 60 through 104” have a massive rubber seat ring firmly held in place by double step seal. Replacement is easy and can be done quickly without removing the valve from the pipeline.

The Double Eccentric design offers extended seat life. The Ductile Iron disc edges are Stainless Steel heat shrunk tubing, offering superior disc edge and additional seat life.

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AWWA Butterfly Valves – Double Flange

General – AWWA Butterfly Valves – Double Flange

  • AWWA C504 (14” – 72”) (350mm – 1800mm)
  • AWWA C516 (78” – 104”)(2000mm – 2600mm)
  • Sizes: 14” – 104” (350mm – 2600mm)
  • Temperature range: -20℃ – 120℃ (-4℉ – 248℉)
  • Pressure rating: AWWA Pressure Classes 25B, 75B & 150B


  • 360° continuous sealing between body seat and disc seat.
  • Long life service.
  • Rubber liner is pin hole tested by 20,000VDC of holiday test.
  • The valve sizes 30” and up the seat ring could be replaced without remove the valve from pipeline.
  • Bi-direction tight shut off.

Specifications – AWWA Butterfly Valves – Double Flange

  • Body style: Flange Type
  • Body shell thickness: AWWA C504, C516
  • Mounting: ISO5211
  • Design & Pressure: AWWA C504, C516
  • Face to Face: AWWA C504, C516
  • Inspection and Testing: AWWA C504, C516
  • Standard Marketing System: MSS-SP-25

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Designed for Waterworks, Water treatment, Seawater, Exhaust, Power Plant Condensates.